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What makes Photographic Keepsakes the leader in Professional Photography.

Now a little about Photographic Keepsakes Inc. We are located just outside of Winthrop MN. With 27 years of experience, the owner Karl and Carol Heisel has a great deal of love and passion for photography and are dedicated to bringing out the best in people through portraits and providing their customer with the best service possible. Photographic Keepsakes is small enough to know you, yet large enough to give you the best in professional photography. We offer many different and new photography backgrounds that are both fun and exciting. Being located in the country allows us to have many different options on outdoors sets. Let us create a lasting keepsake just for you.

Professional Photography...

Karl Heisel

...is considered both an art and a science. Karl is known for his photographic excellence, and his continuation to upgrade his artistic skills as well as his technology and facilities. After many years in this profession, his company has the knowledge needed to respond to the demands of the next generation. He has a great deal of love and passion for photography and is dedicated to bringing out the best in people through his portraits. Karl is looking to the future with great anticipation and hope, realizing that his vocation is to record a lifetime of memories for those he serves. Karl is a highly motivated professionals, trained to bring to you the finest product combined with extraordinary customer service.

PCustomer Service...

Karl Heisel

...I believe customer service is all about exceeding customers' expectations. I take the time to get to know what your needs are. Then I am able to process the information to provide a response to your inquiries, concerns and requests about the products and services we provide.

It is my job to help you through the entire process. This start with a consultation, to help find out what you are looking for in your portrait. From what to wear to the finished portrait order. During my time with you, I truly enjoy getting to know you and your family.

Our Mission

Offer Quality products

We only offer time-tested quality products. If you are looking for the cheapest, we might not be the ones for you. I have been in business all my life, and in the long run a high-quality product and service will save you a lot of money over the long haul. We will never compromise on the quatity of our service.

Extradentary customer service

Without extradentary customer service any business will fall apart. Keeping to our word on when we will show up, doing excellent quality work is just a start. In the event something is not done the way our customer was expecting. Proper actions will be taken to fix any problems. Our customers are the base of our business.

Great Value

A great value is not defined as the cheapest. Value is something of importance, worth, or useful. Being a leader in the photography industry. We know what it takes. Proper lighting, posing, equipment and photographs printed on professional UV stable paper. Our photographic are designed to last a long long time. All this and more making portraits from Photographic Keepsake a great value for you, our customers.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Keeping God, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit number one not only in our personal lives but, also in how we run our business. We strive to be fair to all of our customer. From how we bid our jobs, to performing quality work, along with standing behind our work. In short, we want to treat you with honor and integrity.