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We have been a professional photography studio since 1991.
Yes, unlike many other we do have a portrait studio.
That’s a loaded question. Proper studio lighting, balancing the light ratio from proper lamination of the background to hair accent lighting to short lighting to be able to trim off a few extra pounds. No bad weather or windy day to contend with. No bug or mosquitoes bits. Dressing room so you don’t need to change in the back of your car of the neighborhood gas station. Privacy you will not have a bunch of strangers watching you get your portraits.
Yes, we are fully insured.
Our studio is located just southwest of Winthrop in the county.
We are limiting our wedding to only a few per year. After photographing around 600 wedding we decided to have some weekends off.
Yes, you may. We have 2 options. One is the traditional way is where you order the finished portraits from us and we retain the copyrights. Or You may purchase the copyrighted images on a CD and print them any place you wish. It’s your choice.

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