Photographic Keepsakes Q&A

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Photographic Keepsakes, a photography studio specializing in weddings, families, dance shcool & high school senior portraits.


Q. Can I get my Images with the copyrights on a CD?

A.That right you will receive all the selected images in a CD along with the full copyrights. We will edit them to the best one from each pose. Then we then correct for color, density, color temperature, and crop to 8x10 format. You can have us print them for you at a discounted price. You can print them yourself anywhere you would like. Put them on your Facebook; E-mail them to your friends and family. You can even put them on a digital frame. It’s your choice.

Q. What kind of equipment will be used at my wedding?

A. At Photographic Keepsakes we use only high quality professional digital cameras with the best lens that are on the market, we don't buy the cheep lens with plastic optics. We also use multiple studio portrait lighting for the formals, this will give you three dimensional portraits lighting that can not be accomplished with an on camera flash.

Q. What type of training and how much experience does Karl have?

A. Karl has invested much time and energy each year in attending intense training on wedding photography at various schools across the United States featuring the most prestigious photographers in North America. With 32 years and photographing over 610 weddings in four different states, you are insured to have the quality of wedding portraits that don't just happen.

Q. I have a friend who has a new digital camera. Why should I hire a professional to photographic my wedding?

A. Anyone can point a camera and say cheese, but just because someone owns a good camera does not make him or her a wedding photographer. If someone owns a knife, will that make them a surgeon? Would you let your friend operate on you? For awesome wedding portraits it requires years of training and experience. Karl has photographed over 580 weddings. Would you be willing to chance the most valuable portraits in your lifetime to someone with little or no training and experience in photographing your weddings?

Q. Does an engagement session come with my package?

A. Yes indeed, you'll receive an engagement session complements of us, plus B/W's for your announcement in your local paper. This is a $60 value . You may choose to do the traditional or a more casual portrait. You may also have them done outdoors. The files or pints are available for purchase at an additional cost.

Q.Can you print a Wedding Album for me?

A.Of course you can have us print your Wedding Album using our state of the art design service. We have several options to fit your budget.

Q. What are the selected images on the CD?

A.No need waste your time sorting through hundreds or thousands of files to find the best ones. It’s not uncommon for us to comeback from a wedding with 10-15 Gigs of raw files. We will first edit all the images to the best one of each pose. Then we make correction needed to all of the files for exposure, color temperature, vibrancy, clarity, just to name a few of our enhancements. Finally we will crop them to an 8x10 format ready for printing. So the Selected Images are edited and ready for printing. We don’t just burn the files to a disc and say good luck. After all you are hiring professional team to photograph your wedding

Q. Can I have Photographic Keepsakes print the portraits?

A. Yes, we have a discounted price for finished portraits. They would be printed to our photographic standards.

Q. When will I receive my wedding album?

A. Your completed album will be ready for you in about 4-8 weeks after placing your order.

Q. What do you charge per hour?

A. Photographic Keepsakes has a fixed amount of adequate time in each coverage. If you need additional time it is only $150 per hour, we very seldom go over our allotted time. (Must be pre arranged and can not be used to add the reception or dance to a coverage.)

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